Owner/Operator: James Teiper

"I’ve always been visually instinctive. I firmly believe that, with the proper tools
and a clear vision, any idea or concept can be expressed visually."

"I began working in film and video production while completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Toledo. In 1990 I relocated to Southern California and was fortunate enough to find sustaining work exclusively in production lighting. Since then I’ve worked on over a dozen feature films, several TV series and numerous ‘movies-of-the-week’.
Throughout it all, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the lighting styles and personalities of nearly a dozen ASC & ACS cinematographers along with a myriad of divergent directors and other crew members."

"All of these experiences have helped lead me to my current circumstances - operating a uniquely qualified mobile lighting company that serves the Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties.’

Freelance Crew Members:
My Friends
  JT Services utilizes the talents of a strong pool of skilled lighting technicians.

"Each and every one of the freelancers I use regularly is polite, courteous and extremely talented. Many are my closest friends. I truly feel blessed by the quality of people I’ve been able to surround myself with." -Jim Teiper

Motivational Director/Co-Owner & Wife:
Leanne Jacobson

"Jim is a truly unique individual. Sometimes this uniqueness needs some extra guidance, though.
That’s where I come in."