“Though I have no musical training and never learned to play an instrument, I sort of fancy myself to be a musical composer. “All the parts of the little looped ditties you’ll hopefully be hearing as you browse this site (5 total) were whipped up and performed entirely by myself.

“Greg Youtsey was kind enough to donate several of his afternoons and his production facility in El Cajon, CA [619-588-6138] so I could make this happen . Greg is very talented and was a true saint for indulging me. The quality of the final work is most definitely a result of his advanced expertise.

“Along these musical lines I am including some of the other compositions that I’ve gotten around to actually recording. On these, real musicians do most of the performing- I just write, produce, and (usually) sing them. Please let me know your thoughts. If you like them, feel free to share them with others.”

  Cuz I deserve it.mp3 (size 5.6 Mb)  
  Ten Mile Creek.mp3 (size 3.3 Mb)  
  Other Shores.mp3 (size 2 Mb)