Rental Terms

Before showing you our pricing structure,
it is important to explain our rental policies to you.
Once you have reviewed these policies and
understand them, just click on the ‘I Agree’ button to continue.


Rental Terms and Conditions

Renting items or using services from JT Services/Available Light signifies complete
understanding of and agreement with all of the following policies:

Rental Policy

All Rental arrangements can be made by calling 800-439-1605 or 760-505-1605. The minimum rental period is 1 (one) day. Weekly and long term discounts are available. Pick-up and return times are to be scheduled in advance. Returns made later then the scheduled return time may be charged an additional fee of JT Services/Available Light’s discretion. Delivery and return pick-up arrangements may be possible- call to discuss. Any vehicle rental must be accompanied by a JT Services/Available Light approved driver. This driver may also serve as a working crew member. Items may not be taken out of the continental United States without prior written permission from JT Services/Available Light. Rental charges do not apply towards purchase. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notification.

Payment Policy

Payment for all rentals and services are due net ten days from the completion of the rental or service period except where other advance arrangements have been made. All checks should be made payable to ‘James Teiper’. A fee equivalent to an annual percentage rate of 22% (twenty-two percent), compounded daily, will be added to any amount past due. All collection fees incurred will be added to the amount due. A $20 (twenty dollar) fee will be added to any returned check.

Cancellation Policy

All orders may be canceled. Those orders canceled less than 24 (twenty-four) hours before rental is scheduled to commence or continue will be billed no less than one day’s rental charge for all canceled items.

Insurance Policy

Renter must provide own insurance coverage with a policy amount equal to or greater than the full retail replacement value of the total of items rented. Rental fees will not be deducted from replacement costs. A certificate of insurance must be issued and a rental agreement form completed, signed and returned to JT Services/Available Light prior to the release of items or commencement of a project. The certificate of insurance should contain the following coverage:
1. General Liability: A minimum of $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) coverage for combined single limits, bodily injury and property damage to be maintained for the full term of the rental period. JT Services /Available Light [3525 Cameo Dr. #90 Oceanside, CA 92056] must be named as an additional insured to the policy, in respect to all rented items, for the full term of the rental period.
2. Misc. Equipment: Coverage minimums shall vary according to the total value of the items rented and shall not be less than the full retail replacement value of all items rented. All rental items must be covered for all risk perils- including loss, theft, damage or destruction from misuse, accident, fire, earthquake, flood or any other act of god or casualty loss. The policy must contain a loss payable clause endorsement indicating JT Services/Available Light as the loss payee.

If, for any reason, any item is found not to be covered as detailed above, Renter is still solely responsible for any loss or damage to any rental items- including compensating JT Services/Available Light for any insurance deductible amounts.

Liability Policy

All items issued are for rental purposes only. Rented items must not be used in any abnormal or hazardous manner. JT Services/Available Light assumes NO responsibility or liability whatsoever for any equipment, materials or services provided. This exclusion of liability includes, but is not limited to, any and all injuries, expenses or other claims and costs arising out of the use or possession of any JT Services/Available Light items. Renter further agrees that JT Services/Available Light is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any delay, detention or non-delivery of services or rental items. Transfer of an item indicates acceptance of it’s condition. All items are available for inspection and testing at the time of rental.

Loss & Damage Policy

All items are rented in good working condition and are expected to be returned in this same condition. Normal item ‘wear and tear’ is expected and accepted. Burnt-out globes are to be returned for inspection. If an item is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed by misuse, accident, fire, earthquake, flood or any other act of god or casualty while in Renter’s possession, Renter agrees to notify JT Services/Available Light immediately. All expenses related to the repair of such an item are the sole responsibility of Renter. If damage to an item is greater than it’s value, Renter is responsible for the item’s full retail replacement cost. Rental fees continue to apply to lost or damaged items until appropriate repair or replacement arrangements have been completed. Any loss, rental or otherwise, occurring to JT Services/Available Light due to unreasonable neglect of item repair or replacement by Renter is also the sole responsibility of Renter.