Lighting Director

  ‘IKEA’ (Commercials) Satellite Video Prod. San Diego, CA 01-01/01
  ‘Spa Salon Instruct.’ (Video) Marie kelley Productions La Jolla, CA 12-12/00
  ‘Jet Spa & BBQ’ (Commercials) Originamics Palm Desert,CA 10-10/00
  ‘CBS News- 48 Hrs.’ (TV Series) DeTarsio Productions Chino Hills, CA 09-09/00
  Scripps Oceanographic (Video) JM DigitalWorks San Diego, CA 09-09/00
  Shrimp Culinary Demo (Video) Marie Kelley Productions San Diego, CA 09-09/00
  ‘Mind-Mapping’ Info. (Video) Optimum Training Sys.’s Burbank, CA 04-04/00
  ELAN 2000 Medical (Video) Hansell ’Maginations Jacumba, CA 04-04/00
  Cosmetic Dental (Comm.) RLE Marketing, Inc Murrietta, CA 03-03/00
  Sony Int.’l Conference (Event) Prod. Satellite Services Poway, CA 02-02/00
  Hot Tub TV (Series Pilot) Broadcast Images, Inc La Jolla, CA 12-12/99
  Toyota Carlsbad (Commercial) JM Television Prod.’s Carlsbad, CA 10-10/99
  Qualcomm Product Promo (Video) Qualcomm, Inc San Diego, CA 09-09/99
  Saturn Automotive Intro. (Video) Brubaker & Associates San Diego, CA 04-04/99
  ‘The CrashMaster’ (Infomercial) Idyllwild Comm. San Diego, CA 02-02/99
  Naval Trainee Induction (Video) Science App. Int’l Corp. Oceanside, CA 02-02/99
  Cosmetic Dentistry (Infomercial) RLE Marketing Corp. San Diego, CA 01-01/99
  Golden Door Spa Promo (Video) Kihneman Prod. Services San Diego, CA 10-10/98
  MCI/1-800-Collect (Commercial) Unicam Productions, Intl. Salinas, CA 07-07/98
  DARPA Awards Promo (Video) Science App. Intl. Corp. San Diego, CA 06-06/98
  Mad Catz Gaming Promo (Video) Imageworks San Diego, CA 04-04/98
  MCI/1-800-Collect (Commercial) Unicam Productions, Intl. Corona, CA 03-03/98
  McHenry Metals (Commercial) digital OutPost, Inc. Carlsbad, CA 01-01/98
  Dimension One Spas (Video) Imageworks Carlsbad, CA 12-12/97
  Entrepreneur of Year Awards (TV) CNBC/Conn. Yankee Palm Desert, CA 11-11/97
  ‘Fitness For Health’ (Series) Lightning Corporation San Diego, CA 10-10/97
  BodyWise/Vitatech (Video) Griffith Productions Tustin, CA 08-08/97
  Folex Spot Remover (Commercial) digital OutPost, Inc. San Diego, CA 08-08/97
  Sleep Comfort (Commercial) Sleep Comfort, Inc. Carlsbad, CA 06-06/97
  Metabolife (Commercial) California Productions San Diego, CA 06-06/97
  Sargasso! (CD-ROM) Studio Arts Multimedia Carlsbad, CA 01-02/97
  Sinbad & Sacred Heart (CD-ROM) Studio Arts Multimedia Carlsbad, CA 12-12/96
  Entrepreneur of Year Awards (TV) CNBC/Conn. Yankee Palm Desert, CA 11-11/96
  Ford '97 Models Preview (Video) Ford Motor Company Del Mar, CA 03-03/96
  Kelco Corp. Promo (Video) California Productions San Diego, CA 11-12/96
  King, Sword & Legend (CD-ROM) Studio Arts Multimedia San Diego, CA 10-11/96
  Madison Jaxx (CD-ROM) Studio Arts Multimedia San Diego, CA 10-10/96
  Billy Graham Special (TV) Phil Cooke Pictures Burbank, CA 07-07/95
  Mitsubishi-Fuso Trucks (Video) Pinnacle Productions, Inc Torrance, CA 05-05/95
  West Coast Dance Co. (Series) Elwood Creative Services San Diego, CA 07-07/93
  Mitsubishi-Fuso Trucks (Video) Pinnacle Productions, Inc. Los Angeles, CA 03-03/91