Lighting Technician

An asterisk ‘*’ indicates an ACLT/Best Boy position. Projects colored gold were signatory productions.
  *Fantasy Springs (Comm.’s) YNR Marketing, LLC Indio, CA 11-11/00
  *‘Cabazon Cops’ (Document.) YNR Marketing, LLC Indio, CA 10-10/00
  *Time Warner (Comm.’s) Time Warner Cable San Diego, CA 06-06/00
  *Sempra Energy (Comm.’s) Four Square Prod.’s San Diego, CA 02-02/00
  *Heart Hospital (Comm.’s) StudioMagic Prod.’s Palm Springs, CA 01-01/00
  *PBS ‘Crooners’ (Special) YNR Marketing, LLC Southern CA 06-08/99
  Spike Lee & Navy (Comm.’s) 40 Acres & A Mule San Diego, CA 04-04/99
  Amer. Health&Fitness (TV Ser.) Sandstone Pictures Carlsbad, CA 10-10/98
  Centennial Olympics (TV) NBC Sports Atlanta, GA 07-08/96
  ‘Trojan Wars’ (Feature) Trojan War Prod.’s Los Angeles, CA 05-05/96
  ‘Independence Day’ (Feature) 20th Century Fox Los Angeles, CA 08/08-95
  *‘Dead Man's Isle’ (MOW) ArtGo Productions Beverly Hills, CA 04-05/95
  ‘One West Waikiki’ (TV Ser.) Holliday Inc Honolulu, HI 12/94-01/95
  ‘Fallen Angels’ (TV Series) Showtime Entertainment Los Angeles, CA 08-11/94
  ‘Usual Suspects’ (Feature) Blue Parrot Productions Los Angeles, CA 07-07/94
  ‘Don Juan DeMarco’ (Feature) Sony Pictures Los Angeles, CA 05-07/94
  ‘Crowfoot’ (TV Pilot) Belisarius Productions Maui, HI 03-04/94
  ‘Edna Buchanan Story’ (MOW) Lakeside Video Prod.’s San Diego, CA 02-02/94
  ‘Treasure Island’ (TV Special) Hard Times Productions Las Vegas, NV 10-11/93
  ‘Accidental Meeting’ (MOW) Fast Track Films San Diego, CA 07-08/93
  *‘Rescue 911’ (TV Series) Rescue 911 Productions Oceanside, CA 07-07/93
  ‘Last Action Hero’ (Feature) Sony Entertainment Los Angeles, CA 04-04/93
  ‘Just Family’ (TV Pilot) Warner Brothers Los Angeles, CA 04-04/93
  ‘Greyhounds’ (TV Pilot) S. J. Cannell Prod.’s San Diego, CA 03-03/93
  ‘Couples’ (TV Pilot) Warner Brothers Los Angeles, CA 03-03/93
  ‘Iron Will’ (Feature) Walt Disney Prod.’s Duluth, MN 02-02/93
  ‘Torch Song’ (M.O.W.) ABC Television Hollywood, CA 01-02/93
  'Heaven and Earth' (Feature) Warner Brothers Los Angeles, CA 01-01/93
  ‘Ben Stiller Show’ (TV Series) Fox Television Hollywood, CA 11-11/92
  ‘Star Trek: TNG’ (TV Series) Paramount Pictures Los Angeles, CA 11-11/92
  ‘Tainted Blood’ (MOW) Wilshire Court San Diego, CA 10-10/92
  ‘Trapped!’ (MOW) CBS Television Long Beach, CA 09-10/92
  ‘Danger of Love’ (MOW) Citadel Productions Seattle, WA 07-08/92
  ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ (Feature) Tri-Star Pictures Seattle, WA 08-08/92
  *‘Ticks’ (Feature) Ticks United, Inc. Hollywood, CA 07-07/92
  ‘The Temp’ (Feature) Paramount Pictures Portland, OR 03-06/92
  ‘Highway Cassanova’ (MOW) CBS Television San Diego, CA 01-01/92
  ‘I Can't Lose’ (Feature) M R B Group Anaheim, CA 06-07/91
  ‘Writer's Block’ (MOW) Wilshire Court San Diego, CA 05-05/91
  ‘My Secret Bodyguard’ (TV) Cornerstone Pictures San Diego, CA 02-03/91
  ‘Real Ghosts’ (TV Pilot) CBS Television San Diego, CA 01-01/91
  ‘Deadly Desire’ (M.O.W.) Wilshire Court San Diego, CA 06-06/90